23 February, 2012

Why I Believe 2012 Is Actually the End

I'll apologize up front, this may be a little insensitive, but it's all in the name of entertainment so that makes everything okay. At least that's what the television show, Family Guy, tells me.

You may have heard that according to the Mayans' (among others) long count calendar, 2012 is the end date - more specifically December 21, 2012. Many have interpreted this to mean that this is the end of the world that's been predicted. I never put much weight on it until recently.

You know what, I believe it all now.

Here's why, and it has to do with The Wheel of Time.

We've just been told that the release date has been set and that date is January 8, 2013. I don't think that's meant to happen.

First, The Wheel of Time has been delayed over and over again. What was meant to be a three book series has turned into 14. A series that's been 23 years in the making.

Then, and much to everyone's surprise and great sadness, Robert Jordan is diagnosed with a rare disease and dies in 2007.

Another few years later, we see the series resurrected with Brandon Sanderson at the helm. Things are going well, and then the artist who's done every cover since the beginning of the series, Darrell K. Sweet, dies in 2011. The SFF community lost two of its greats and both connected to this series.

An ending to The Wheel of Time is not meant to be. Do yourself a favor, don't even try to finish this series. No one's getting out of it alive. With the 2012 phenomenon and the tragic occurrences that have marked this series, the coincidences are much too real.


Cursed Armada said...

Yes... it all makes sense now... *strokes mustache*

Todd Newton said...

Bahaha nice.

I solemnly swear that if the world doesn't end, I will read books 2-14. Might even try to do it next year, if there is a next year.

Bibliotropic said...

I call conspiracy on the whole thing! In light of this incontrovertable evidence, this is clearly an orchestrated plot. The goal? It's a secret to everyone.