17 December, 2010

CANCELLED: Stargate Universe (SGU)

I give up. By force of repeated cancellation of the few SyFy shows I enjoy watching, I now despair that any series I like on television will survive for more than two seasons.

Stargate Universe had everything going for it. A great cast, some awesome writers and consultants (Scalzi), some amazing CGI and a plot that was finally going somewhere. But no, now it is going nowhere. The cancellation of SGU is a real blow for every fan!

SGU Stargate Universe Cancelled
Stargate Univese (SGU) Cancelled


Brenda said...

I've not seen Stargate Universe yet. We don't have cable, so I usually wait until shows are on DVD to watch them. I still watch and love Stargate Atlantis, though. I wish they'd leave these good sci-fi shows on the air longer!

wheels209 said...

I think SGU never stood a chance because of the big wigs at SYFY not knowing what they are doing. I don't think SYFY really cares about the viewer that tunes in every week to watch there favorite SF&F show.

Gone are the days of 10 seasons for SG1 and 5 for SGA.

SGU started out very slowly the first season but I really enjoyed the second season. It is too bad that the the series will be cut short because we will never know the full vision of the writers for the series.

Take care and Happy Holidays