06 September, 2013

Kaiju Rising Kickstarter Opens Today

I don't get behind too many Kickstarters, but that's mostly because I just don't have the funds to pledge to the thousands of things I'd love to back. I wanted to let you know about another to get behind, Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters, edited by Tim Marquitz and Nick Sharps. I don't know how many of you saw Pacific Rim, but boy did I have a good time with that movie and I think this anthology will be a blast as well. I mean, look at that author list!

Now check out the list of authors, it's got some big names:

With not even a day under its belt, Kaiju Rising already has a quarter of the $10,000 goal. From copies of the book to authors killing you or your city in their story and even a video made just for you, its no wonder this Kickstarter is filling up fast. For you writers, there's even an opportunity to get a short story in the anthology.

Of all the Kickstarter projects, this is one of the few that gets me this excited. You probably know by now that I love Tim Marquitz, but there's so much to this anthology to love in addition to a great editor. Head over here to pledge.