19 September, 2010

Winner: The Way of Kings (signed)

Congratulations to Terry F. from Fort Collins, CO on his lucky win of a signed 1st/1st of the Way of Kings! While his entry wasn't the snarkiest, it was fairly creative:

"WoT the hell, I decided to enter"

Indeed you did Terry, indeed you did.

If you aren't already in possession of a copy of The Way of Kings, well, I am sorry. The Stormlight Archive is setting its sights on filling the vacuum that will be left when both The Wheel of Time and The Malazan series hit their final curtains. Whether or not it deserves that spot remains to be seen. As many bloggers have commented, they feel that the Way of Kings is epic, but that further installments in the series are needed to accurately determine whether or not it will have a place among giants. Regardless, getting in on the ground floor of a major fantasy series simply titillates the brain.

Other notable snark that won three bonus entries:
Out of curiosity, what constitutes a snarky comment?  For instance, if I were to point out that the object of the preposition "between" (in your announcement of the contest) should be "me" and not "I" is that being snarky or just bitchy?    - Joshua V. from GA.


Seak (Bryce L.) said...

Haha, that's some great snark and semi-snark.

Glugs said...

Just wanted to say, great job on the website design. It's come a long way from its humble beginnings! ^_^