01 June, 2012

eBook Deals, or Books I Bought Recently

Tim Marquitz's sequel to Dawn of War is coming out soon so he's having a deal at the moment. It's free for the Barnes and Noble Nook at the moment with the hope that Amazon will drop its price in the next little while as well.

Dawn of War by Tim Marquitz [Free for Nook] [$1.99 Kindle]
Four in the Morning Edited by Tim Marquitz (anthology) [$3.99]
Call Me Joe by Pohl Anderson (short story) [$0.99]

The following is a special deal, not for an ebook, but for a good cause. Only $0.99 for this great picture and it will go to the Children’s Hospice Charity. This picture was created by author Mark Lawrence's daughter, Celyn. Find out more here.


ediFanoB said...

Like you I bought a digital copy of Wheel-Mouse.
I think I do not need to explain why people like you and me do that.

I will post about Wheel-Mouse in my next post.