13 June, 2012

News & eBook Deals, or Books I Bought Lately

First, the news:

Beware Damnation Books, Inc. They're a small press publisher who have put out a lot of good stuff over the last few years. One of their authors, Tim Marquitz, is attempting to get out of his contract and is having some problems as he explains.

Also, in much happier news (especially for Tim), the second book in his Blood War Trilogy, Embers of an Age ($3.95), is out already. Book one, Dawn of War, is still Free-ninety-nine (that's free).

eBook Deals:

The Hammer by KJ Parker [$2.99] - This was a tough one. I haven't actually read Parker, but I have some other stuff of hers/his and I'm 99% positive I will enjoy it all. :)
Crown of Vengeance (Fires in Eden #1) by Stephen Zimmer [$2.99] - Our former blog-mate, EdiFanoB, really enjoyed this one. (review here)
Dream of Legends (Fires in Eden #2) by Stephen Zimmer [$2.99]
Spirit of Fire (Fires in Eden #3) by Stephen Zimmer [$2.99] - This one was just released.