04 September, 2009

News: The Gathering Storm: Chapter 1

Old News for Some, New to Me

Lo and behold fellow readers, the first chapter of The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, due for release in late October (while the folks at Tor are generous, it seems you need to become a member to read it, a painless procedure I assure you). Brandon will be running across the US from book signing to book signing, getting the Wheel turing on the first of the last three books in this gargantuan series. While there has been significant discussion about Brandon cranking out a few other books in the series, let us for now at least focus on the present and highly anticipated The Gathering Storm. For your reading pleasure, I give to you the first chapter of what promises to be an uncharacteristically action packed installment.

Oh, and in case you were wondering why the heck they didn't release the prologue of The Gathering Storm first, since it seems like it would be in the natural order of things...

"You may be wondering why Tor is releasing Chapter 1 before the prologue? Yes, technically that’s out of order. The prologue is about 20,000 words, while Chapter 1 is only a few thousand (ie, much shorter). Be forewarned: Although you will have no problems whatsoever following along, chapter 1 does begin after a short scene takes place in the prologue."
- Jason @ Dragonmount

Make sure to read the full Dragonmount post on the latest Wheel of Time news for all the juicy details.

Is it me or does the first chapter feel distinctly like Brandon? If I was a betting man I would say he wrote most of it...


ediFanoB said...

Must be great for all fans. I tried to read Wheel of Time several years ago and failed. Now I'm "wiser" and older. Maybe I should try again.

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