26 January, 2011

It's News To Me #2

Here's a couple interesting items below and if you want my recent book haul, that can be viewed here.

Interview: Anthony Huso, author of The Last Page, a book I keep hearing great things about.

Top 10 Movies List: BSC has the Top 10 SFF movies of the decade. Not a bad job - it's easy to take apart someone else's list - but I'd definitely put Lord of the Rings a bit higher. I agree that Lady in the Water got a bad rap, I loved that movie.

Jim Butcher: Ghost Story is being delayed. As all good GRRM advocates know, it's better to have a better book than a worse one. :D

And that's the news...at least to me.


Tea and Tomes said...

I always think that Lady in the Water got a bad rap because people went into it expecting something else. They expected ZOMG HORROR and got instead something closer to a magical drama. I too liked that movie, and thought it was pretty interesting. Shame more people don't think so.

Seak (Bryce L.) said...

Yeah I agree. It even says at the beginning - this is a bed time story, but you're right.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to encourage you with continuing Butcher, as the books really come together in their greatness after the fourth book :).

Seak (Bryce L.) said...

@anon - Awesome to hear. I really enjoyed the first three, but then I got sick of the repetitions. Harry has to explain every little motivation and bit of history that I was really tired of hearing the same thing in every book. It's kind of nice that this is a series you can take a year break in between though. :)

Josephine said...

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