08 January, 2011

Sick - Not Cool, Just Not To Full Health

This is yet another apology post. My 5 month-old has been sick for the last few weeks and therefore I've only had a maximum of a couple hours of sleep each night. And then I got sick a couple days ago.

Yup, the life of having kids. I never realized how sick I would get... all the time.

Here's to the new year. I promise reviews will be forthcoming.


ediFanoB said...

Dear Bryce,
I'm sorry to read about the sickness of your and your son's sickness.

I hope and wish that you both get well soon.

Don't worry about posts. Family and health is much much more important.

Be sure your readers and followers will understand.

Bryce L. said...

Thanks edi, I feel really bad though. But honestly, I don't think anyone wants to hear my hardly cogent mutterings due to lack of sleep and sickness. :)

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Hey, take care of that little one. Don't worry about here. :) But sounds like you need to take care of yourself now too.

Just a little warning. When kid's sick, you WILL get it in the end. ;) And man oh man, they carry the worst colds around.

Hope you all get health and take care. Hope you don't play the sharing game for a while.

Take it easy.

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