25 June, 2014

Update - New Job, Big Move ... I'm Tired

I know it's been a while and I apologize for that. Life has thrown me for a loop in really the best way possible. I was working in California, enjoying a semi-new job there, just waiting on bar results when a week before results were available, I got a call from one of the people I interviewed with in Colorado.

I'd barely lost the job last year to someone who was now leaving after less than a year (whoops, big mistake on his part right?) and he was ready to hire me if I was still interested.

Long story short, we made the decision and packed everything in our house in about a week. Of course I finally passed the California bar ... now that it's no longer necessary. Thousands of dollars for nothing, yay!

Of course that meant around 14 hefty boxes of books, one of them affectionately named, "Malazan Box of the Fallen," and about a million other boxes. Did I mention we have three kids, two of them twins?!

I drove a 26 foot truck from Friday, June 13 at noon to about 6 a.m. Saturday morning on the 14th. Only had to travel through five states. And somehow everyone around me survived. Then, I started work on the 16th. Whew. It's wearing me out just thinking about it.

After about a week and a half, things are going well. Doing lots of work and learning tons. Sadly, reading and blogging time have suffered, but soon I'll get used to this new schedule and I'll be back on track ... whatever that means.

Thanks for sticking with and look forward to chatting again soon!