29 July, 2021

Book Review - Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds (Revelation Space Prequel) | Youtubes

Here's another review, this one for Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds, prequel to Revelation Space. These have been fun for me, not sure if that's true for anyone else, but here you go:


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28 July, 2021

Kindle and Audiobook Deals for July 28, 2021 - Sandman 1 (Neil Gaiman) is Free, 5 Wheel of Time Books 1/2 price

My video description has a list of links. Yep, that's how I get you, one more click away, sorry to be that way.


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27 July, 2021

My TBR for the Next Period of Time - July 2021

Here's my TBR, but instead of a direct reading order I would call it more of a pool, a TBR pool to choose from. These ones are at the top of that pool. Because pools have tops, wow, I'm struggling here.


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22 July, 2021

Why Read Malazan Book of the Fallen - Youtube

Because I haven't milked this topic enough either here or elsewhere, here's a video version of my attempts at conversion ... I mean suggestion.


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14 July, 2021

Audiobook Review - New Found Land: The Long Haul by Austin Grossman, Neal Stephenson, and Sean Stewart

 Pretty much everything I do is a test or something I'm having fun with. I attempt to mimic the audio and totally don't fail...right? Right?


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08 July, 2021

June 2021 Wrap up - Epic Month! (youtubes)

I wrap up my June reading and even attempt some editing. Wow, do I have a long way to go, but this was probably my most fun video to put together. Hope you enjoy.


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06 July, 2021

Top 10 Fantasy Books - My old Goodreads List (Youtube)

 I take a look at my old top 10 Fantasy book list (really 12 since I couldn't narrow it down to 10). It's more of an attempt to use new programs (to me) so bear with me on this one. I at least learned a lot about this process so I will try to do better on the next one.


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01 July, 2021

Youtube Review - Later by Stephen King (Hard Case Crime)

 Here's another attempt at youtubing. Still learning and playing with edits, hence the sudden image midway through the video. Watch for all the surprises!


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