24 June, 2021

Youtube Channel? Shelf Centered

So I did a thing...I may have used all my exceedingly excess time to start a youtube channel to talk books and such. You can find it here:


I hope to get better and stop the constant 'ums' and nervous giggles (which is really the only way I can describe that). To quote a couple of my favorite quotes as to why I did such a thing:

Besidesnowadays, almost all capable people are terribly afraid of being ridiculous, and are miserable because of it.” Fyodor Dostoevsky

“Once you've got a task to do, it's better to do it than live with the fear of it.” Logan Ninefingers quoting his father (Joe Abercrombie)

So, if you have a second, please give me a subscribe and check out my videos. There is a serious dearth of snark in the comment section (or anything really, you gotta start somewhere!) and my ego is really starting to take off. Keep me out of the clouds, please!