19 March, 2015

More eBook Deals from Elsewhere - Terry Pratchett and Jurassic London

I frequent reddit, especially r/fantasy, and today are a couple deals I thought you might be interested in, a little bit:

- [Link] 7 Discworld novels by the late Terry Pratchett (from $0.99 to $1.99): Reaper Man, Sourcery, Thief of Time, Night Watch, Guards! Guards!, Unseen Academicals, Going Postal

- [FREE] The Book of the Dead, anthology by Gail Carriger, Paul Cornell, Jesse Bullington, Jared Shurin, and more

16 March, 2015

eBook Deals - Hobb, Adams, Sakey, McKinley

I found a couple good deals in the last couple days and needed to share.

[$1.99The Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince by Robin Hobb
[$1.99] By Blood We Live edited by John Joseph Adams (Vampire anthology including Stephen King)
[$1.99] Brilliance by Marcus Sakey
[$1.99] A Better World by Marcus Sakey
[$1.99] Deerskin by Robin McKinley

09 March, 2015

(audiobook) Review - The Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov

This was my first from Asimov (I know, SF isn't my strong suit) and it won't be the last. I highly enjoyed this winner of both the Nebula and Hugo awards.

As always, find it, along with all my audiobook reviews, at sffaudio.com.
Though a science fiction novel, The Gods Themselves is also primarily about magic.
Throughout the courses I took for my my undergraduate degree in Economics, we talked a lot about the driving forces behind the choices people make. One of the greatest is magic. We all want to find that magical thing that makes us not have to work as hard; magic makes life easier.

07 March, 2015

(audiobook) Review - Heraclix and Pomp by Forrest Aguirre

The wonderfully quirky book, Heraclix and Pomp, by Forrest Aguirre gets a review over at Sffaudio.com, by usual place for all audiobook reviews. Here a snippet from the review (which is found here):
There are some books that are just magical, that are written in such a way that you can’t help but be drawn into a new world even if it’s set against our own. Neil Gaiman writes this way and so does Susanna Clark in Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.
Forrest Aguirre, World Fantasy Award winner for his editorial work in the Leviathan 3 anthology, has created such a tale. The story of Heraclix and Pomp is magical before the magic even begins, or possibly just at the same time.