08 June, 2020

Quoted - Shadow Ops: Control Point by Myke Cole has a quote from my review!

I don't think I'll ever become a published author (I think you have to write something first and then it probably has to be semi-decent from there) so getting a review quoted in a book is just about as close as I'll ever get. 

To pick up a book I loved in a Barnes & Noble and see my review at the front is really fun, especially since I'd stopped looking for some time (I used to look constantly!), I can only imagine what it's like as an author to see your published work there. 

Here's the quote from this review:

"[O]ne hell of a ride. Beware, if you pick it up, you may not be able to do anything until you finish. It's that good...Myke Cole is an author to watch and Shadow Ops: Control Point is possibly the best debut of the year. I know it's early yet, but I couldn't put this book down and that goes a long way for me."