03 March, 2010

NextRead Magazine Open For Submissions

After a little bit of a rocky start (see here and related posts), NextRead Magazine, run by Gav at NextRead is open for submissions. This mad genius is taking short stories and creating liquid gold. Okay, maybe he's not an alchemist, but from the horse's mouth:

NextRead Magazine is a themed bi-monthly short story magazine contributed to by its readers. Each magazine with contain six to eight short stories on a given theme. It’s an electronic magazine published and supplied in both PDF & ebook (epub) formats.

Each issue will cost £1.50 (correct at the time of writing)

Launch issue is due on the 1st May 2010.

This issues theme is: Science Fiction Combined with Myth, inspired in part by The Age of Ra and The Age of Zeus both by James Lovegrove. The deadline for submissions is the14th April 2010. For more information, check out NextRead Magazine.


Jamie Gibbs said...

This sounds like a really good idea. I tried something similar once with a Warhammer e-zine but it never got off the ground :( If I can snatch some spare moments from studying I think I'll submit something. It'll be a good challenge to blend in sci-fi and mythology. Rest assured I'll be buying Issue 0 when it comes out :D

Bryce L. said...

@Jamie - I agree, I'm excited to see how it turns out. :)