24 April, 2010

Blogroll Update

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea máxima culpa.

I have woefully neglected my blogroll and will be cleaning it up this weekend. If you are not already included and believe yourself to be deserving of this huge honor, you are permitted to add a comment below or send me an email.
I find that showing post titles on the blogroll is so much better than just the blog names. Sadly, that increases the blogroll size quite a bit, which in turn means that the number of blogs I can include is limited. I am just trying to say that you shouldn't try and find out where I live to break my legs if I don't include you!

For those of you looking for a more inclusive experience, I believe there is a comprehensive science fiction and fantasy blogroll out there, originally developed by John. Are you rebooting it for this year?


Bill said...

Well, I'm trying to limit my 'legbreaking' to fiction only, but we do have you listed on ours, if that sorta thing is relevant to you. ;-)


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