19 May, 2010

It's News To Me #7

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming. I just started a new job for the summer at the law library at my school. I have to say it's not quite as cool as working for a regular public library...the books are much more stale.

Cover Art

I really love these covers (does Pyr ever let you down?) and the more I hear about this series, the higher it goes on my To-Read pile. I think I'm gonna have a hard time not reading this series before the end of the summer. Here are some reviews: Hatter, Horizons, Graeme, Wolf.


As announced on The Wertzone, Steven Erikson's pushed back the release date of The Crippled God (book 10 in the Malazan Book of the Fallen) to 2011. It looks like he won't be able to deliver the book until August. We can forgive the guy I think since he's been so consistent on every other installment.

In other news, Tia Nevitt (a fellow blogger at Debuts & Reviews) is going to be published. Congrats, you're living the dream!


What qualifies a book blogger? That's what Amanda Rutter's asks at Floor to Ceiling Books. I've thought about this a lot in the last months and it really comes back to whether people are consistently coming back to read your reviews/posts.

No one is forced to read a book blogger's blog, although I may just figure out a way... :) People don't have to come back, but if they do and they find they have a similar opinion, then that's what gives a blog value and hence "qualifies" it, in my opinion.

I spoke with an author, who will remain nameless, on a forum thread where people were giving their opinion on chapter titles. I mentioned that for some reason when a chapter is titled I feel like that shows an author is working that much harder. Obviously that doesn't actually show how hard an author works, but I get that feeling nevertheless.

The author proceeded to ask me who I am to say such a thing. I admit, I don't have any published work, yet I have a say because I'm a fan. Each person has the ability to give their opinion on the work and everyone else can take that information how they will, especially on a forum where people discuss books.

I apply this to book blogs as well. :)


I found this at Edi's Book Lighthouse and it's awesome. I want two.

And that's the news...at least to me.


Simcha said...

I worked at a public library once and it wasn't that much fun. I spent all my time shelving books, which is just as boring as filing. I did work once in the huge library in Manhattan, with the lions up front, which was pretty cool.
I actually got to thinking about chapter headings as well, recently, when I was reading reviews of a certain book that I had just completed and I saw other readers remarking on the book's chapter headings and acknowledgments, both of which I never pay attention to. I just jump in to the book and pay attention to little else but the story, which is something I never thought about before.

ediFanoB said...

Please, please, please, don't talk about TBR piles. In case you have only one you are a lucky guy.

Glad you liked the hobbit hole :)

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Great books. Have to say good luck with the new job. Hope all goes well.