20 August, 2010

Which Wedding Cake Are You?

In one of those weird coincidences in life, my girlfriend and I both simultaneously sent each other the same article on wedding cakes. You might say that we simply have marriage on our minds, but no, just wait till you see the cake toppers!


That  first one is most definitely me, getting dragged to the altar after loosing at some SC2. The zombie one is by far my favorite because of the way it uses the whole cake to stage a scene. It is also an apt metaphor for a newly married couple confronting the harsh realities of the world... with chainsaws.

What kind of wedding cake are you?


Bryce L. said...

Started out Zombie cake, which is just awesome, but I think now with lack of sleep we've gone robotic. :)

BStearns said...

Oh man, that is freaking awesome. Those are some quality cakes. I want one.