10 August, 2011

What's The Deal With... Fantasy Names

An internet rant is a beautiful thing, I mean, why even be online, with all the anonymity that brings, and even attempt to contain all that angst. It's why we have comments on everything from blogs to Youtube to news stories. People need to complain! We have things on our chest and we've got to get them off...and our significant others are just plain tired of hearing the same thing over and over again.

In light of this, I decided to institute a new feature on the blog where I can bring up whatever's on my mind, be it terrible book covers, titles, ideas, bloggers (okay, probably just Pat), you name it and have some fun with it.


This week I decided to change the title of this post/meme (What's the Deal With... instead of SFF Fail...). I don't think SFF can really ever "fail" so I decided to drop that and I apologize profusely.

So what's the deal with fantasy names that have an apostrophe. One of the worst usages I've ever found is from this review with the name - Ol't'ro, but can anyone beat me on that?

Two apostrophes seems to really be pushing it.

I also read somewhere that (for fun) you're supposed to pronounce the apostrophe as "boing." Lets make this happen people. Ol-boing-t-boing-ro. I like it.


Todd Newton said...

Elves. They're all elves. Drives me crazy, too.

Ryan said...

Ugh. Yeah, I hate it when authors give their characters stupid names like that.

I don't like having to figure out how to properly pronounce a character's name. It's not a fun game.