04 October, 2011

Giveaway Winner! Ganymede by Cherie Priest

We had a great turn out for this giveaway, I'm sorry I only have one book to give out...

but before we get to the winner, we had some great snark and all of the following snarkers will receive 2 extra entries into the next giveaway, or a subsequent giveaway of their choice:
I do believe my *bones* be *shakin'* at the thought of winning that there book. The thought of *naught* winnin' it fills me with *dread,* but don't worry, I'll still give you my own personal *clemency* in *time.* (Hey, there's only so many ways you can work something that sounds like "Clementine" into a sentence!) (Jonathan Fortin)
Gany chance in Hell I'll be the one? I Dread that it's Nought my Tine to Shaker up and win this one. I Fathom I gave it a Shot though! (Todd Tyrna)

What? Another giveaway? This is becoming so.....yeah.... (Tyler A. Childers)

Should I be snarky about the River Song wanna-be on the cover of the book or about the deliciously vague contest rules? Or are you just leaving this up to your readers (good luck with that)? (Jamieson Ridenhour)

Did Gany really have to be in all caps? Also, would it have been to much to add the extra 4 letters to complete the title of the book? It's really not that long of a title.... (Wayne)

I would add a snarky comment, but either I'm tired, or there wasn't much to work with in the giveaway post. (Todd Johansen, although I'm not sure if this is intentional snark)
Oh yeah...almost forgot...and the winner is:

Tabitha Jenkins from California

Congrats to Tabitha (aka Pabkins) and thanks to everyone for entering!


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yay for pabkins!

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Tabitha - I have the jealous! :)