17 November, 2011

It's News To Me #29 - Online Articles I've Been Reading

I read a bunch of good articles this week, but decided to gather together the best ones...or possibly the only ones I could remember enough to find the link again. There's at least some possibility it's the first one. :)

YetiStomper reviews the Kindle Fire: I was so close to getting one of these, but decided against it for two reasons. 1. I'm easily distracted and I need an eReader that doesn't have a million things to keep me away from actually reading. 2. I've decided I need eInk especially because I want to be able to do LOTS of reading on this device. I'm going with the Kindle Touch.

Speaking of eReaders, the Nook Tablet reviewed: Jeff, at The Tattered Scroll, has been my go to for all eReader devices. He's reviewed most if not all and I really trust his opinion. He's actually the one who made me decide against the Fire, as you can see in the comments.

An Open Letter to Simon & Schuster: Seems like the publishing industry needs to get its act together. I'm sure it's hard to change bad habits when people are tripping over each other to get published and will bend over backwards to do what you decide.

25 Reasons Why Readers Will Keep Reading Your Story:
I've become pretty addicted to terribleminds.com, the author Chuck Wendig's blog, lately. He seems to know what he's doing, or at least he's entertaining enough for me not care either way.

Angry Robot's new YA Imprint, Strange Chemistry: and a fellow blogger, Amanda Rutter, is out of the blogging game (to head said new imprint).


Jamie Gibbs said...

The Kindle Fire never really phased me, and I agree that an eReader should be something you use to read, not to have other distractions in your way.

Twas great to hear about Amanda heading the AR imprint too!

Bryce L. said...

Nicely said, that puts it way better. I can't have distractions or I will zone out for hours with nothing accomplished and Amanda is living the dream. Wow.