23 January, 2012

Review - Perfect Shadow: A Night Angel Novella by Brent Weeks

Assassins going to assassinate people all assassin-like. Add crazy awesome magical abilities, immortality, love, shadows, betrayals, and constant action. You may just have Perfect Shadow: A Night Angel Novella [US] [UK Kindle] [Kindle - only $2.99].

I don't think I'd recommend diving into Perfect Shadow without having already read the rest of the Night Angel Trilogy, or at least the first book, The Way of Shadows. It's a great series especially if you want a book/series that's really hard to put down. With all its faults, it's so much fun.

If you haven't read the trilogy, or at least book one, then you may not want to read further...

Perfect Shadow takes us back in Durzo Blint's history. He's just around 700 years old, so he's got plenty to go around. We learn things not only from his distant past, but also how he got to where he is at the start of the main sequence, just before Kylar comes into the picture.

In a kind of Name of the Wind style (but a little more confusing), Durzo Blint, tells us his story as he sees it.

As I mentioned above, there's plenty of assassinining going on and a nice little plot with Momma K, to take out all the wetboys (super-assassins) in the city.

The writing isn't going to win any awards, but the action and imagination are what keep me coming back.

4 out of 5 Stars