23 August, 2012

Only The Best Giveaway: 10 Ebooks of your choice!

As a thank you to all our faithful readers, we are giving away ten free ebook to ten separate winners!

The top three commentators over the last 1000 comments are automatically winners (as soon as I figure out how to calculate that).

So once again, thanks for sticking around. Now you can enjoy that 13.99 ebook you refused to buy on principle.

All deliveries will be made through Amazon. You don't need a kindle to read their ebooks, though I imagine it is more convenient. The giveaway is capped at $15 per book in case one of you smarty pants decides that buying the only ebook on amazon that costs $250 would make one hell of a joke.

 E-mail bloggeratf[at]gmail.com. your entries. The winners will be notified by email and announced in 10 days time. Good luck!


Antonakis said...

Aaarrgh, I knew I should have been commenting more often! :D

RaveAir said...

Congrats to the winners! ;)(I don't think I'll be one of them, because you have many more active followers than me.)

Narg said...

Ah damnit, I knew I should have spammed here more! Umm how you picking the other seven?

God damn captcha! I can never bloodywell read these things!

Narg said...

er ok I figured that out...what am I emailing to enter though??? Me so dumb.