06 September, 2012

National Buy a Book Day

I was recently asked to help spread the word for National Buy a Book Day. I'll let the foundation speak for itself:
The National Buy a Book Day Foundation's primary activity is educating the American people on the importance of books to our culture and community by encouraging citizens to go to any bookstore on September 7th of each year, which we hope to establish as National Buy a Book Day, and buy a book. By buying a book, as a community, every year on the same day, we come together in support of books, booksellers, authors, and publishers alike. This is the exclusive goal of the organization, and it is funded entirely from public and corporate donations. (source)
September 7 is the day to go out and by a book. It's that simple, whether online or at the book store, the latter of which is highly recommended. :) I'll put a badge on the side bar over to the right so you can check out the website and see what the National Buy a Book Day Foundation is all about.

My advice is to go get something solely based on its cover or the blurb on the back, maybe try something new. Have fun with it and let me know how it goes.

At the very least, go out and buy a book tomorrow!


redhead said...

and I have tomorrow off from work! I wonder how many bookstores I can hit in one day?

John Ottinger III (Grasping for the Wind) said...

Thanks for taking the time to mention the foundation!