26 October, 2012

eBook Deals, or Books I Bought Recently

Just another reminder, I don't always buy the eBooks, the title was just handy to keep in place. I do tend to buy most of them anyway, but I also already own a number of them and will probably not buy them again unless I'm in the mood to relieve some shelves. I also try not to post about books I wouldn't read or don't plan on reading.

But, just to make the entire title less misleading, I'll add a section of those books I did order/buy during the week whether electronic or paper.

eBook deals:

Taliesin (Pendragon Cycle #1) by Stephen R. Lawhead [$0.99]
The Best of Michael Swanwick by Michael Swanwick [$2.99]
Inside Job (Novella) by Connie Willis [$2.99]
Seed by Ania Aulborn [$2.99]
The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova [$2.99] - If you missed it above, I will not link books I canNOT recommend, although it has been read sadly.

Books purchased (paper, no electronic):

Stone by Adam Roberts (Amazon)
The High House by James Stoddard (Amazon)

Note: These purchases are directly related to this post.


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