10 April, 2013

Variety Pack Giveaway: Winners & Snark

Congratulations to Brandon H. on his successful entry! Regrettably, Brandon did not enter a full mailing address as per the explicit instructions of the giveaway. Brandon will have 24 hours to respond with a full mailing address or Caroline W. from WA shall be victorious. May destiny fold you into her loving embrace Caroline!

We had a fair number of participants in this giveaway and some quality snark as well, though the usual confusion as to what snark means remains. See the assorted snark and witticisms below.

I want to make a witty comment about how a plain text ad for term life insurance "makes above possible." - Jeff R.

I don't think i ever got so mad at another human being as i have since i started playing league of legends. - Josh R.

I sat here trying to make a pun using the word snark but it just turned into my brain going "Snarf Snarf" ala Snarf from Thundercats. It was terrible. - Bett W.

I was going to share this with a certain friend then I remembered that Orson Scott Card doesn't think he should have the right to marry the man he loves. - Joseph G.

Great site for reviews. - Bobby W.

Dragons and starships on the book cover? How could they possibly be bad? - Jeremy M.

I wonder how many people won't share because of your attempt to guilt-trip them into sharing. - Ross W.