05 October, 2013

Exclusive Excerpt from Kaiju Rising, Last Chance to Back This Kickstarter Anthology

The Kickstarter for Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters is almost at an end and I've got an exclusive (I'm mostly positive about that) excerpt from one of the short stories in the anthology. This kickstarter has exceeded all expectations reaching it's goal of $10,000 rather quickly and even every single stretch goal. What's great about contributing now is that you already know everything you'll get and it's quite a bit at this point.

Not including the stretch goals authors.
So without further ado...


From Joshua M. Reynolds' "Dead Men's Bones":

          Despite the distance, and the lead the monster had on them, they caught up with it far too quickly for St. Cyprian’s liking. He pushed the car’s engine to its limit, until smoke was boiling out from under it, and his body was numb from the shaking. The car was racing parallel to the beast as it smashed aside trees and ruins both old and new in its stumbling scramble towards Vyones. Yellow smoke clung to it, oozing from its pores and even from a safe distance, the thought of it made St. Cyprian itch for a gas mask. 

          St. Cyprian cursed as a splintered tree-trunk crashed down in front of the car and he jerked the wheel, narrowly avoiding it. He nearly crashed then and there, as a massive bloody foot stomped down in front of him, causing the car to bounce up and his head to crack against the roof. He tasted blood and spat. “Any time you’d like to start shooting is fine by me!” he shouted over his shoulder. A snarl sounded from the heavy machine gun in Bass’ hands a moment later. The American gave a screeching wail, like the cry of some angry hunting cat, as he depressed the barrel, stitching the colossus’ ankles and thighs with bullets. Carnacki fed a steady stream of ammunition into the gun even as the floor was covered in spent casings. The colossus might have been immune to small arms fire, but it felt the machine gun and it stooped with a bone-rattling howl, its fingers digging trenches through the muddy road as it sought to scoop them up. Poison gas swept towards them, driven their way by the furious motion of the beast’s arm.


I know that was a short teaser, so here's a behind-the-scenes video from Ragnarok Publications for your viewing pleasure: