22 November, 2013

(quick) Review - Joyland (Hard Case Crime) by Stephen King

I decided this review didn't need to be more than a quick one. I've said enough, why say more. I couldn't put Joyland [US] [UK] down. It was a fascinating look at carny life, touching at times, and proves King can still write a wonderful story less than 1000 pages long. The noir, crime-solving aspect was almost an afterthought to this interesting tale of life working at an amusement park.

If you have fond memories of a summer job where you almost spoke a different language with your co-workers and really bonded, possibly even for life, this book is certainly for you. I worked as a lifeguard for a couple summers and it brought back fond memories of messing with the rubes (I'm officially only speaking in Carny Talk). We'd go on break and jump in the pool and pretend we couldn't swim. Good times!

Joyland is full of nostalgia and some really sweet moments that had me tearing up. It's easy to forget that anything else is going on, you're so wrapped up in the lives of these characters and then boom! a climactic ending causing all bodily functions to stop until I was done.

4.5 out of 5 Stars (read it, read it now)