06 December, 2013

Review - The Last Colony (Old Man's War #3) by John Scalzi

I think John Scalzi is a fun author to read, one you can always go back to knowing you'll have an entertaining read. He's got smart, compassionate characters you can root for, fast-paced plots, and you always know you won't have to think too hard. I love to be challenged in my reading, but I don't want to be challenged with every single book I read. Thus, authors like John Scalzi make for the perfect break in your complex readings.

The Last Colony [US] [UK] is the final Old Man's War universe novel with John Perry and Jane Sagan. At least until the next one comes out right. I haven't read Zoe's Tale, but I assume it's predominately her (I'm good at making inferences from my reading aren't I?), at least I know it's her perspective of the events in The Last Colony. 

Here, John and Jane have been living the life on the planet of Huckleberry. Low key is the word and they couldn't be happier, maybe. Then, they're offered the chance to head a new colony that really needs them. Of course they agree and soon find out that things are not quite as expected. The good ol' Colonial Union isn't the most forthcoming with information about just about anything and they find themselves in lots of trouble (another 'of course' belongs here too). 

Scalzi's tight plotting keep things moving nicely and the mysteries keep the pages moving as well. The actual intent behind the colony is slowly revealed and not once did it lose me in believability (unlike Redshirts I might add). This was a great conclusion to John and Jane's story although the surprises in the first book, Old Man's War, just can't be beat for me. 

3.5 out of 5 stars (recommended)

Old Man's War Universe: (read in red)
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Carl V. Anderson said...

Scalzi is one of my favorites and it was certainly this series that cemented him in that position. I don't care if I'm challenged in my reading. I want to be entertained, be it through something relatively simple or challenging. Scalzi hits all those hot buttons that made me a fan of science fiction when I was a kid.

Zoe's Tale is a really nice follow up to this one. It does rehash this time period but, in my opinion, doesn't feel like you are reading the same story over again. Scalzi's return to this universe (in a non-John and Jane story) The Human Division is good as well.

Bryce L. said...

Scalzi's been a little up and down for me, but for the most part I know I can count on a fun tale, especially in his Old Man's World universe.

Carl V. Anderson said...

I've only read one of his that I didn't love and that was Redshirts. And Human Division was not as strong as the other Old Man's War stories. But I enjoyed that original trilogy and Zoe's Tale. Also really enjoyed The Android's Dream and Fuzzy Nation.

I thought the idea of Redshirts wore thin long before the book ended. I didn't hate it, but it is certainly my least favorite of his to this point.

Visit us Goshen NY maid service website said...

Absolutely loved the Series. You'll have to Read Old Mans War and the Ghost Brigade to really get the full effect. But for something that was written awhile ago, it really has a place for us now especially with DNA testing happening right now. Awesome book and Awesome series! Must read.