09 January, 2014

A Letter to OTBSFF Readers

Dear Only the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Readers,

Is anyone out there? Is this thing on? I hope the new year's off to a great start for you, 2014's been insane already but it's looking good so far. After looking for a job for about a year and a half, I finally found one last month. I started just under a month ago (one month is tomorrow in fact) and as you can imagine it's keeping me busy. I've passed the bar (and most importantly can add esquire to the end of my name now, Wild Stallions!), but not yet in California where I am working ... so that means I get to take the bar again.

That also means I have just about no time for anything other than working and studying at the moment. I get to see my adorable kids and lovely wife for about an hour a day for dinner and then I'm off to study.

Luckily, the bar's only about a month and a half away (you mean it's only a month and a half away, I need more time!), so I will be back on track here by the end of February.

I'm dreadfully behind on reviews, I think I have nine books last time I counted, but I have a couple reviews I've submitted to SFFaudio where my audiobook reviews go, so I'll post updates when those go up. I might also put up a couple short reviews just to get back on track sooner, but otherwise don't plan on seeing me much, not that I'm presumptuous enough to think anyone will notice...

Anyway, hope you have a great couple months, if you're reading fantasy you probably are. If you're reading good fantasy, let me know. I'll see ya when I see ya.

All the best,



Nathan (@reviewbarn) said...

Well congrats on the career path, that is a hell of a thing to do.

I'll be right here when you get some reviews up, but in no hurry, do those important life things first.

Bob/Sally said...

Congrats on the job and the bar - totally excellent! :)

If you do get a chance to relax, or just need an excuse for some downtime, give The Iron Wolves by Andy Remic or The Emperor's Blades by Brian Staveley a read. Both were top-notch, and thoroughly enjoyable.

jessie said...


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Thank you,
Jessie Rivera

ediFanoB said...

Hi Bryce,
congratulations on the new job.
From my point of view family and job always come first because without them life will be getting most difficult.
So take your time. I'm sure your readers will understand.

Ryan said...

Good to hear that you are coming up in the world! Congrats on all the good news on the job front. Good luck with everything!

Bryce L. said...

Thanks all. It's pretty intense right now and on top of it all I just got an interview for a job where I'm actually licensed to practice law so I get to add that in. Although that would definitely solve a lot of the problems if it works out.

Mieneke van der Salm said...

Great news on the job front, Bryce! Good luck taking the bar again, hope it all goes well.

Bryce L. said...

Thanks Mieneke! I hope so too. :D

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

The best to you Bryce. And enjoy the family when you can, even if it is an hour a day. Take care!

Michael J. Sullivan said...

Congratulations! I think I speak for all your fans who say this is great news and we are happy for you. If you have some time and can continue to share your opinions, we'll be here listening. If not, no worries. Be well...and on a personal note, thanks for all the amazing support of my books in the past.

Bryce L. said...

@Melissa - Thanks a ton. It's almost here! Sorry for the late reply.

@Michael - Thanks to you too. Always happy to share great books, it's your own fault I have to support you. :)

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