29 April, 2014

(audiobook) Review - Seal Team 13 by Evan Currie

I'm slowly getting back on the reviewing wagon and as long as I don't have weeks like last week at work, I can put some effort into the blog again. Sorry for the delays and random inactivity, however, I did get an audio review submitted to sffaudio a little bit ago and here's the review of Seal Team 13 by Evan Currie.
I don’t outright hate cliches. I think they can be used well and it’s an easy way to get people into the story or characters without having to waste time (i.e. pages) explaining things. The problem I had here was that once you make reference to “it’s like I’m in a movie” one too many times, it starts to pull you out of the immediate story. It’s no longer its own story, it’s someone else’s. And it just plain started to bug me since just about every character had to make mention of being in a bad horror movie.