07 August, 2014

eBook Deals - Tim Marquitz

I was going to post about the new short story from Tim Marquitz that he has going for free at the moment, but it turns out he's got amazing deals for quite a few of his books. As a huge fan, this is great news. Here's what I found:

[FREE] Discordia Ascendant - The short story I was talking about.
[FREE] Dawn of War (Blood War #1)
[FREE] Those Poor Poor Bastards (Dead West #1) by Tim, Kenny Soward, and J.M. Martin

[$0.99] Armageddon Bound (Demon Squad #1) - My review of this hilariously awesome book.
[$0.99] From Hell - Demon Squad novella

[$1.99] The Ten Thousand Things (Dead West #2)

And if you haven't heard of Ragnarok Publications, I'd highly recommend you get informed. They're releasing some excellent stuff. If you're still shy about small presses and indie authors, this is a great place to start changing your mind.