09 September, 2014

(audiobook) Review - Breach Zone (Shadow Ops #3) by Myke Cole

Myke Cole is one of my favorite authors to be published in the last couple years. He's been really consistent in his debut series and I can't wait for whatever else he publishes. Here's my review for Shadow Ops: Breach Zone and like all my audio reviews, posted at sffaudio.com. My only real gripe here was the narrator as you'll see if you check out the full review.
Overall, Breach Zone is an excellent conclusion to the entire trilogy. The action is superb and the setup through the trilogy is just about perfectly satisfied in this final volume.


Jason said...

LMAO, they used the Call of Duty font. :P

Bryce L. said...

It's the only font that says "let's shoot people for our country."