09 March, 2015

(audiobook) Review - The Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov

This was my first from Asimov (I know, SF isn't my strong suit) and it won't be the last. I highly enjoyed this winner of both the Nebula and Hugo awards.

As always, find it, along with all my audiobook reviews, at sffaudio.com.
Though a science fiction novel, The Gods Themselves is also primarily about magic.
Throughout the courses I took for my my undergraduate degree in Economics, we talked a lot about the driving forces behind the choices people make. One of the greatest is magic. We all want to find that magical thing that makes us not have to work as hard; magic makes life easier.


moto 360 review said...

A strong novel, with some excellent characterization within each section, and based on a solid bedrock of real science. This is possibly the best stand-alone fiction work that he wrote, and should be placed on your shelves right next the Foundation and Robot series.

Unknown said...

The Gods Themselves is both a riveting story and a catalyst for the minds of young science students. If you have taken some physics classes or read up on cosmology you will love this book. The ideas Asimov came up with concerning inter-universal energy transfer and suggesting that our universe was spawned from a "cosmegg" that had its physical laws altered blew my mind. If you didn't catch these inferences when reading this novel, you didn't read it thoroughly. I couldn't put it down for 5 minutes.

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