04 August, 2009

Plundered Library and a Happy Reader

This weekend I visited family in PA and was fortunate enough to stumble across my uncle's extensive science fiction collection. Behold my plunder and a big thanks to my uncle for his 'loan'. You have just got to love these covers, especially the Dorsai! one--I would add an "!" but the title beat me to it. My plunder:

Dorsai!, by Gordon R. Dickson [US][UK]
Soldier Ask Not, by Gordon R. Dickson [US][UK]
Cities in Flight (1962), by James Blish [US][UK]
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (1966), by Robert A. Heinlein [US][UK]
The Weapon Shops of Isher (1951), by A.E. Van Vogt [US][UK]
The Weapon Makers (1952), by A.E. Van Vogt [US][UK]
Bio of a Space Tyrant Vol. 5 (1986), by Piers Anthony [US][UK]
The Man Who Wanted Stars (1965), by Dean McLaughlin [US][UK]
The Witches of Karres (1966), by James H. Schmitz [US][UK]

All in all, an excellent haul of hard biting military/privateer science fiction. I just finished The Witches of Karres and am now working my way through Dorsai!, which is off to a very intriguing start. Apparently the book, which is a quick staccato read, is part of the Childe Cycle, so I might need to unearth the rest from somewhere... I am a regular over at the Strand bookstore, right off of Union Square, but their science fiction and fantasy collection is deplorable.


ediFanoB said...

Funny! I didn't expect that I know and even read one of these books. But I remember that I read The Weapon Shops of Isher around 30 years ago :)

OnlyTheBestSciFi/Fantasy said...

Apparently that is one of my Uncle's favorites. It is so funny that he mostly reads SF and I have heard of maybe 20% of the books he has read. As a general rule I think he tries not to read anything before 1980...