06 August, 2009

Re-read: The Coldfire Trilogy

The Coldfire Trilogy
was by far one of my favorite series, many years ago.... well, not that many years compared to some of you. It is, however, one of my earliest memories of reading a dark fantasy that didn't have the bright overtones found in the Lord of the Rings and other such drivel. I became instantly and deeply enchanted by the ambivilantly evil protagonist and have since always had a soft spot for vilains of every sort. With that in mind, I set out to reread the series and see if it still holds the same depth and darkness that mezmerized me on my first go-round. So far, I am halfway through Black Sun Rising, and could not be more please. If I had to complain about anything, it would be a slightly sluggish pace compared to some of the more recent fantasy novels I have read, but times have changed and so have the authors. Have you read The Coldfire Trilogy?

Black Sun Rising (1991) [US][UK]
When True Night Falls (1993) [US][UK]
Crown of Shadows (1995) [US][UK]


ediFanoB said...

That's funny!! You will know why when you see and read the Friday posting :))

Jam said...

Interesting. I'll check it out.

ediFanoB said...

Now it should be clear. I ordered the trilogy before I read this post. Today I received the books. And now I'm sitting on the fence: Read books or blogs?

Compromise: I just check may mail accounts and look for comments at my posts. Then switch off the laptop and start reading:)