25 August, 2009

Reviewer Time Interview

Writing from the airport in Helsinki, of all places, so you know this is an important post.

Those of you not already familiar with Harry over at Temple Library Review should be shot. The guy is a brilliant interviewer, truly brilliant. He has worked his way down the major science fiction and fantasy blogs out there, and gotten up close and personal with reviewers of every ilk. With his questions, Harry digs down to the truth, and he isn't afraid to dirty his front page with the answers. I especially recommend the introductions to the interviews, which are not only eloquent and measured, but strangely... insightful.

I was brutally honest in the interview and Michael (ediFanoB) let slip all the blog's dirty secrets, so you should really take a look. This is a rare chance to get a glimpse of those behind the scenes, and worth every second of your time.

May the gods of international travel be kinder to you then they are to me.


ediFanoB said...

Hope your travel goes well.

Hagelrat said...

hahahaha. Well you don't need to shoot me. Harry is blogsitting for me over the weekend.

ediFanoB said...

Hey Hagelrat, I like the word blogsitting :-)