03 October, 2009

Bona Fide: Weekly Roundup #40

Hello and welcome to a new issue of my Weekly Roundup. Beginning with this issue you will discover a few slight improvements. In order more easily identify different Roundups, I have introduced a numbering system; the calender week will be added to the title of the post.
The next change is structural, the introduction of a table of contents for the post. This means that from now on, you will be able to scan the top of the post and know what to expect. I hope you like the changes. Changes aside, I am looking forward to end of October where I have a few days off, which means more time for reading! And now, enjoy...

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Delivery of the week: Drood by Dan Simmons
Shelf discovery of the week: The Light Ages by Ian R. Macleod

Steampunk Month on Tor.com
The David Gemmell Legend Award: Master Drosdelnoch's crossword puzzle
Giveaway by writer David Douglas

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
The Legend of the Seeker TV series will be aired in Germany

This week's quotes are related to Pressure


This week I received my paperback copy of Drood (2009) [US] [UK] by Dan Simmons who is a very versatile writer.
From Drood (about Charles Dickens) to Terror (2007) [US] [UK] (about the Sir John Franklin expedition to discover the Northwest Passage) to Hyperion (1989) [US] [UK] (a masterful work of science fiction, read Alec's review), Mr. Simmons has produced a wide range of titles. I read and liked Terror. Hyperion is on my shelf and Drood is sitting on my table. I look forward to reading Drood, but I won't forget Hyperion. What is the book about? No, you neither get a blurb nor a summary from me today. I think it is best to listen to Dan Simmons himself:

From time to time I check my shelves and other places where I store books. I think you know the phenomenon of the "forgotten" book. This week, while rearranging a shelf, I found a book which is the missing link between Drood and steampunk: The Light Ages (2003) [US] [UK] by Ian R. Macleod. I remembered that I bought the book some years ago after the German hardcover edition turned out to be a bit too expensive for me. I only had a vague memory of the story, so I sat down and read the blurb on the back cover:
"In the year 1678, Joshua Wagstaffe discovered aether. Once refined, aether had the power to keep blades sharp and makes bridges stable, to power telegraphs and heat homes. Aether, its secret jealously guarded by the Guilds, became the glue that bound English society together, and started the Industrial Revolution.
But Robert Burrows has seen the dark side of aether in his native Yorkshire, and when he flees to London, he joins the growing revolution, determined to overthrow the Guilds. Roaming the vast city and exploring its myriad social layers, from petty criminals and revolutionaries to salon mistresses and opium dreamers, Robbie discovers secrets that threaten the very fabric of society, secrets that involve the deepest mysteries of aether."
The book is still sitting on my table, and I know I that must find I way to read it within the year. Also not to be forgotten is The House of Storms (2005) [US] [UK] set a hundred years hence in the same setting, but with different characters. I checked my Goodreads book lists and therefore I know I own this book... I only have to find it. Consequently, my next bookshelf expedition will be starting soon.


In case you read my Roundup regularly, you know I have a foible for steampunk. Therefore I was really happy when I received a mail from Tor.com with subject Announcing Steampunk Month! Not all of you are member of Tor.com and receive their newsletters. Therefore I will share with you the first part of the mail. Viva la steampunk!


In other words, October is Steampunk Month on Tor.com! All month, we'll be hosting special content, including giveaways, wallpapers, reviews, and posts by guest bloggers from the steampunk community.
Check out the Steampunk Month index page to see what's going on; Tor.com being a well-oiled machine, we'll naturally update it as each post goes up.

The David Gemmell Legend Award came up with a wonderful idea. In order to celebrate the 25th Anniversary Edition of Legend, by David Gemmell, they organised a special giveaway. You do not need to be member.
There is only one hurdle: You need to
"To get your hands on a copy for FREE all you have to do is solve one of Dros Delnoch's fiendish crosswords".
So click on the link above and solve the crossword. I hope to find time on Sunday to do it. Good Luck!

Via this blog I am in contact with David Douglas, an up and coming writer who lives in Munich, Germany. Isn't it slightly unusual to live in a foreign country and write books in English? His first book will be released at the beginning of the next year. So far you can read the prologue of Demon's Bane and you take part in the giveaway. But let Dave speak himself:
"Revisions of the book are ongoing now! DEMON'S BANE should be available in December or January, if all goes well. Now the big news:
I am doing a promotional book giveaway, with a personally autographed copy to be shipped free of charge to each winner after publishing. There will be one random winner per month until it's published--JUST SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER to be eligible in October! And for those living far abroad... yes, I will even ship it to you (for free) in Malaysia, China, Australia, etc if you win.
For the October drawing, I'm going to use the Newsletter subscription list. If you receive the newsletter now, you're already in the running--no need to do anything! For the rest, just sign up for the newsletter (or a website account) using the links in the right sidebar. The first winner will be picked in the last week of October.
Please let your friends, family, and blog readers know, so they can have a chance at winning as well :-)
Good luck...


Vampires, Vampires, Vampires. I'm surrounded by vampires in videos, movies, blogs and books. Hopefully not in reality, but who knows... After changing the release date several times,Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant will hit the cinemas in US on the 23rd of October. The movie is based on the book series The Saga of Darren Shan, by none other than Darren Shan! It is the story of a school boy who, by pure chance, breaks a 200 yeas lasting truce between two warring factions of vampires. Darren and his best friend go to a freakshow where they meet Laurent Crepsley, who is a 200 year old vampire himself. Mr Crepsley offers Darren the opportunity to become a vampire. This is the kick-off to a freaky adventure...

Sometimes the unexpected happens. You may know that I live in Germany, which means I have to wait and hope that films and series aired in US and UK may find their way to one of the German TV channels. And I have been lucky. Firefly and the Torchwood minseries finally made it to Germany. It seems October will be a "golden" month because on 11th of October another series will begin: The Legend of the Seeker. The series is based on the Sword of Truth series, by Terry Goodkind. I know that there have been mixed reactions and reviews about the tv series, but regardless, I will give it a shot. If you want to check out a trailer, just follow the link: Legend of the Seeker is coming. If the series doesn't pan out, I will use the time to continue reading Goodkind's books. So far I have only read the first book, so only ten more to go!


Well, we all have to cope with pressure that is sometimes a result of unrealizable expections. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. Please delight in my very subjective choice of quotes commented by Bona Fide:

"No matter how much pressure you feel at work, if you could find ways to relax for at least five minutes every hour, you'd be more productive.
Dr. Joyce Brothers, US psychologist & television personality (1928 - )
Bona's comment:"Hmm, he is a doctor. Edi should try it next week."

"No pressure, no diamonds.
Mary Case
Bona's comment:"What of it? I'm neither a girl nor a geologist!"

"Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it.
Albert Smith
Bona's comment:"Emotions. Tears on my pillow. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes."

"Under pressure, people admit to murder, setting fire to the village church or robbing a bank, but never to being bores.
Elsa Maxwell, American author, 1883 - 1963
Bona's comment:"Is that the last one? You know I'm the exception. I'm getting bored under pressure. And you know what will happen when I'm getting bored. Elsa will tell you:"

"Bores put you in a mental cemetery while you are still walking.
Elsa Maxwell, American author, 1883 - 1963


ediFanoB said...

I finished Dros Delnoch's fiendish crossword! It took me some time. But I don't pass the secret codeword to you.

bloggeratf said...

Michael, I have not yet tried it, but if i can't get it tomorrow, I will be coming to you for answers. I will let you know!

First off, Zombie Land was a very fun movie. I highly recommend it. I won't give away any spoilers but it is very different from any other zombie movie out there.

Second, the Sword of Truth miniseries is only 1 degree off of terrible. You can tell me what you think, but give our similar tastes I expect you will feel the same way.

I am also curious to see the rest of your bookshelves, given how much you have talked about your 100+ book TBR pile...

Given the trailers for the Cirque du Freak, which I think has been called the Vampires Assistant in the USA, I don't think it will be a very good movie. Will I see it? Yes, probably, but it won't mean I like it.

As I already said, the new format for the Roundup is great. Keep up the good work. I suggest reading the first one and reading the one you just did Michael, and you will see the progress that has been made.

Lastly, blue jello shots are dangerous. Beware.

Harry Markov said...

I am not sure you will like Legend of the Seeker, because I have a sixth sense when it comes to these TV shows. I never watched an episode, but so far I keep hearing negative things.

I am looking forward to Zombieland and the vampire flick.

ediFanoB said...

Alec and Harry,

thanks for your comments. I will tell you my opinion after watching the first episode which will be aired on 12th of October. After your comments I lowered my expectations.

It seems I need to have a look at Zombie Land

Alec, I will provide you with a list of my books on my TBR pile.

Krista said...

Very cool Roundup. This is my first and I like the set up. Good job.

Haven't heard of those titles before though they do sound good.

YAY! I just heard about Steampunk, too! Awesome!

Have you read the books for Cirque du Freak? I've heard many good things about them. I should try the books as I look forward to seeing the movie.

All the best

ediFanoB said...

I don't know the books by Darren Shan.
Maybe you would like to read a Cirque du Freak review.
I started to post the Roundup in May 2009. Since then I try to improve it.
I want to do something unique. That means you will find topics which are a bit different compared to other blogs.
And in some cases I have a different point of view because I live in Germany.

Anyway it is good to read that you like my Roundup. Thank you

Dave said...

Thanks for the mention! Still plenty of time left in October for those who want to enter.

I love the Tor slogan about steampunk month! I'd like to drive a dirigible, but so far all I've managed is to jump from a hot air balloon twice (with a parachute, of course).

ediFanoB said...


I promised you to post about your giveaway. Now fingers crossed that more people will take part.

Dirigibles are cool. You really jumped from a hot air ballon? Impressive.

On my 40th birthday I got a scenic flight (30minutes) with an helicopter. I loved it because it is different to a plane.