11 October, 2009

Winner: Warbreaker (signed)

Brandon Sanderson Author Warbreaker book
Congratulation to Joel from Canadia on winning a signed copy of Warbreaker. Thanks to everyone who participated, and better luck next time people!

Snarkiest Snark of The Week
"Where are you getting all these signed copies - a family member in publishing?"
- Shellie, from Layers of Thought

For those new to snark, here is a definition to help you out on the next contest, as the snark has been of meager quality of late:
"Biting, cruel humor or wit, commonly used to verbally attack someone or something."


Krista said...

Darn, I was hoping I would win..LOL :) Yeah, I know what snarky means, but I have just never been good at it! So you have to have a snarky comment to win then?

Congrats Joel! You'll LOVE it!


Unknown said...

Alec you are evil-
you linked my snarky comment and got me all excited.... and did not even link my blog.... what the heck? I thought I won the book....

Congrats to the winner! I am exceedingly jealous.

bloggeratf said...

Shellie dearest, you have but to ask.

Unknown said...

Ask what?

Krista said...

Oh, I thought the person who had the snarkiest Snark and the winner was one in the same :) Whoops!

Unknown said...

Yes Alec - Whats up with this... I think its torture....:)

bloggeratf said...

Your snark was so good Shellie, it would have been a shame not to put it up. Think of it as a lesson in snark for the others.

I added points for good snark and links, and asked Michael to randomly give me a number. I think it was 17? Regardless, neither your entry nor your snark was victorious...

The 9 movie book is really cool though, so I highly suggest you enter! Good luck :P

ediFanoB said...

As Alec wrote I gave him number 17.
I don't know which number is related to which participants.