18 November, 2009

Bona Fide: Desire and Reality

Dear Readers,
a post from me in the middle of the week is somewhat unusual. And a title like "Desire and Reality" means all or nothing.
You may have noticed that we did not post as regularly as you may expected. No, no I don't want to lament. But I would like to give you a kind of update. Like several other blogger we have to face reality. We have a post schedule but we are helpless against impacts of daily life. To keep it short there are several things which hinder us to post as frequent as we would like in a good quality.
But I think it is better to post less but in a good quality. I hope we can return to our post schedule soon. Anyway the Weekly Roundup will be delivered as usual.
In the meantime you can take part in the Signed Giveaway: The Gathering Storm and/or discover what we did so far. The Index of Reviews & Articles will be helpful.

Flashback November 2nd
John Ottinger's Inside the Blogosphere
"Occasionally, I ask some of the best book bloggers in sf/f/h a question about their reading choices, favorites, desires, or any old thing about the genre. I then collect the answers and post them here. This time I asked our participant bloggers:
What are the best endings in science fiction/fantasy novels?
And we got some great and varied answers. And by all means, feel free to include your suggestions in the comments."
I highly recommend to read it. So many interesting answers. By the way I also put in my two cents.

This post is still worth to read. And after the best endings it did not take long to post about worse endings.

Inside the Blogosphere: Worst Endings in SF/F/H
I highly recommend to read it. I don't know how I managed but I delivered my two cents.

Fingers crossed that I can finish and post a review within this week.......