22 November, 2009

Winner: The Gathering Storm (signed)

Cover of the Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson authorsCongratulations to Bryce (aka Seak on SFFWorld) from Laramie WY! Bryce, I have added a couple goodies in the package that were given out at the signing. You will now be the proud owner of two very cool Wheel of Time stickers and a 8x11 color map of the world we all love so much. Congratulations!

The snark of the week comes from Logan, in KY:

"What, you couldn't get Robert Jordan's autograph, too? C'mon."

My answer to you, good sir, is that the Gathering Storm is signed by RJ! So fie on your poorly formulated snark! Nonetheless, your snark is good for three entires, divisible if you so choose, for future contests on this here blog. I wish you the best of luck.

Keep the snark coming fellow nerds, god knows there are few occasions where being tactfully rude actually pays off.


ediFanoB said...

Bryce, also congratulations from my side. I hope you enjoy the package

logankstewart said...

Snark of the week, eh? Sweet.

Bryce L. said...
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Bryce L. said...

Ah crap, I won this stupid book! :)

Sorry about the earlier non-post, technical difficulties. Thanks a bunch Alec, I just got it in the mail today! Not that anyone will even notice this post.

Thanks ediFanoB.


Anonymous said...

wondering how, if published in 2009, it could be signed by RJ himself? Did he sign title pages 2 years in advance?