31 January, 2010

Giveaway: Drood, by Dan Simmons

Drood, by Dan Simmons US CoverFollowing Michael's glowing review of Drood, it seems a giveaway is apropos! From the mouth of the man himself: "This is definitely one of my top reads in 2010".

One catch for this giveaway - your entry MUST contain a snarky comment - doesn't have to be a good one, it just has to be there. I would not have to be so strict, but the last few weeks have seen a steady decline in snark that is just totally unacceptable... Good luck!

Giveaway Rules

Want a copy of Drood, by Dan Simmons? Done. Just follow these simple giveaway instructions for your chance to win (giveaway runs till 2/15/10 @ 11:59 PM EST):

1) E-mail me [bloggeratf@gmail.com] your name and address, with "DROOD" as the subject. Snarky comments increase your chances of winning and win bonus entries for future giveaway.
2) Sign up for site updates either in RSS or with Friend Connect on the side. This will also let you know about future giveaways!
3) Think happy thoughts.
4) (OPTIONAL) Spread the love, share or link to any post on the blog--this earns you brownie points as well as increasing your (if you have made it this far) already significant odds.
5) There is no rule number five. I just like odd numbers.


ediFanoB said...

Yesterday evening I went together with my wife to cinema. We watched Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law. We both liked it.
Every picture of London reminded me of Drood. And the funny thing is that they mentioned Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens. Don't worry about the number of pages.... Just start reading.

Oops! You don't own a copy of Drood?
Then it is high time to take part in the giveaway!.