10 January, 2010

Winners: Law of Nines and Bright of the Sky

Congratulations to Karen F. from VA on winning a copy of Bright of the Sky, by Kay Kenyon. Hope the book convinces you never to read any Kenyon, ever!

Snark of the week (that makes a good point) goes to Neville T., all the way from South Africa.
"If one were to rate your reviews by the number of adjectives you use, you must be the best reviewer in the world!"
I am the best reviewer in the world, yes, thank you. Also, did you get to meet anyone from District 9? Such a great movie. Anyway, use your bonus entries wisely!

Congratulations to Esther S. all the way from Israel on winning The Law of Nines, by Terry Goodkind.

The winning snark comes from Brice L. AKA Seak:
"Come on, Terry Goodkind? How dumb of a giveaway is that? Who's even gonna attempt to win that crap?"
As easy as that, you just won three bonus entires for any future giveaway Seak. Grats!


Esther said...

Yay! Thanks.

ediFanoB said...

Karen and Esther,
also congratulations from my side.
Hope you enjoy the boks.

Bryce L. said...

Hahaha. Yes! I mean, I wanted to win the book, but winning best snarky comment is what I was mostly shooting for. :) Love it.