10 September, 2010

Book Challenge... Fail: Review - Flight to the Savage Empire

When I announced that I wouldn't be finishing this book, I was given somewhat of another challenge in the comments to that post - make this a humorous review.

I regret to inform you that I will be failing yet another challenge... bad books are no joking matter. :)

Flight to the Savage Empire [US] [UK] by Jean Lorrah and Winston A. Howlett is actually the fourth book in the Savage Empire series. This was no where to be found on the book itself, but it in no way impeded the story.

Astra is a Reader, one who can read people's emotions, feel their pain, tell if they're lying, and even talk to people on another plane. She's only a Magister, not yet a a Master, but she's uncovered a devious plot by THE Master herself, Portia, who is the head of all Readers.

During this time, she meets Zanos, the undefeated gladiator who is retired from the Aventine Empire's favorite sport. And somehow in a very short time and with very little explanation or reason, Astra, the Reader who is not allowed a lover, and Zanos, the gladiator who's had a little too much action down there (but only in the gladiatorial arena) fall in love kinda.

Both have reasons to leave the Aventine Empire, one to escape the Reader plots and the other to gain his freedom... but then again, I couldn't care less about finding out about any of these developments.

With stilted dialog, an uneven plot, and sub-par writing, I couldn't go on anymore. I consider my time valuable to some degree and FttSE did not meet that or really even come close. The only reason I made it halfway through the book was because of the Book Challenge that I felt obligated to give it more than a decent chance. And that was even more than was deserved.

When Should You Read Flight to the Savage Empire?

Preferably never. I can't recommend it, but I'm sure there are many out there who would enjoy such a book although at the moment I can't think who.

D.N.F. (Did Not Finish)


Todd Newton said...

Seriously, the cover is funny enough. Success.

Bryce L. said...

Haha, that's what made me pick it out. The Rainbow sealed the deal. :D

bloggeratf said...

"When Should You Read Flight to the Savage Empire?

Preferably never."

That made me laugh pretty hard. I challenge fail wasn't as bad, but fail it was.

Also, only epic books in massive series deserve their own acronyms...

Unknown said...

Fair enough but I think you could have probably made it funny. The probably never line was humorous.

Perhaps another challenge in a few months is necessary.

Ryan said...

Sounds like a pretty lame book. I thought it was pretty funny that there was no way to know it was the 4th book in a series.

BryStearns said...

Wow, sounds like a dreadful book. Thanks for the heads up. I just finished a terrific book if that helps :)

Bryce L. said...

@Alec - Haha, yes! Too true, but I didn't feel like it deserved the effort of writing out that insanely long title. :)

@Tyson - I thought it was pretty humorous, at least for my odd sense of humor. :D

@Ryan - Yeah, it was only after looking it up and actually just trying to find a decent cover to use in the post.

@Bry - That does actually make me feel better. Care to share?

BryStearns said...

It was Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding. You can check the review for it out on my blog.

redhead said...

but the cover art is so. . . Epic faily! oh, too funny, especially the "never" comment!

Did you post your review on Amazon?

Bryce L. said...

@Bry - Did it, sounds awesome. :)

@red - You know, with all the epic failyness (yes I did expand on that word) of the cover, I really should have known, but I still hoped.

I need to post it to amazon especially after James' post at speculativehorizons.blogspot.com.