01 September, 2010

It's News To Me #22

Is it Wednesday already? Last week felt like it dragged and suddenly this week's flying by. I'll never understand it.

Heading to California this weekend (back home) to see some fam and for my mom's wedding. I apologize in advance for those people on the plane listening to my crying baby. We have some plans to subvert that, but you never know.

Cover Art

I wasn't a huge fan of the new mmpb cover at first, but then Mark Charan Newton mentioned on his blog that that's exactly how he pictured the character. So, who am I to say. Obviously it's spot on.


Wheel of Time fans be excited! I'll let the Tor announcement do the talking, just remember this was posted Monday and hasn't gone live yet:

How’s this for a Great Hunt?

Tor Books has just announced that, starting tomorrow, an exclusive secret from the Wheel of Time will go live on Brandon Sanderson’s website!

But it won’t go live without a fight: the page will be completely encrypted. (As of Tuesday morning it's not yet live, sorry.)

To unlock it, fans will have to hunt down the many unique digital codes, printed on the back of Wheel of Time bumper stickers that Brandon will hide inside copies of The Way of Kings along each stop on his tour. (Which kicks off tonight!)

Each bumper sticker/code will unlock a piece of the secret and it will require the work of many fans in many cities to unlock the entire page. The Great Hunt begins!

On a similar note, The Way of Kings is out (like you didn't know) and Sanderson has a great post on his blog that links to all the free chapters in one place.


A Fantasy Reader recently did a couple posts comparing the American/UK covers with German cover art. Really interesting stuff, especially with the different translations for the titles. Some are exactly the same while others completely different. I guess it makes sense to a degree - some things wouldn't make sense with a literal translation, but some of the titles are completely different and I wonder why.

Oh and there was this big deal about fantasy being inferior to other literature.

And that's the news...at least to me.


Todd Newton said...

Sanderson has 2 stops in Utah but he's not coming to Colorado at all?? What the...?

Bryce L. said...

I know, I think he lives in UT though. Still lame, especially it being so close.