23 November, 2010

It's News To Me #34

I'm excited to have today and the rest of the week off in a much needed Thanksgiving break. Even though we'll be visiting family, I have soooo much to do to get ready for finals. Bargh.

Cover Art

I don't know why I haven't yet read anything by Mark Hodder, but these covers just keep getting better:

...and the still cool, but not quite as awesome UK version:

(thanks Edi's Book Lighthouse)


Brandon Sanderson will have a new Mistborn novel coming out next year (it's the secret project he's been working on). That also means I will be reading the original trilogy next year. :)

Entertainment Weekly has some awesome stills of HBO's Game of Thrones. Pretty much, I need this to start now. Maybe I should start reading the series again. You know, "if you read it, the next volume will come".

22nd November 2010 ~ For Immediate Release


On December 1st 2010, Angry Robot will be launching “Nano Editions”. Exclusive to the publisher’s own webstore at angryrobotstore.com, Nanos are digital short stories by Angry Robot novelists, sold at sensible prices in ePub format, ready to load onto the world’s most popular eBook readers.

Most Nanos will be in the 5,000 – 15,000 word range. Shorter works than that will be automatically bundled with another story to ensure value for money.

Talking of which – stories will cost just 59p each (approximately US $0.95). Readers can bundle a collection of any 10 by any combination of authors, for only £3.49 (US$5.59). The files will be DRM-free and available worldwide. If demand for the stories takes off, AR plan to also sell them via eBook retailers.

Angry Robot Editor Lee Harris said, “Publishing is changing, but our role as publishers remains the same – to find cool stories and bring them to readers. This is another step in Angry Robot’s ongoing plan to embrace the new opportunities digital formats provide – and an excellent way for readers to sample unfamiliar authors, without breaking the bank.”

Authors included in the Nanos series include multi-million-selling novelist Dan Abnett and award-winning short fiction authors Kaaron Warren and Aliette de Bodard, along with many others. We will have at least 30 Nanos available for the December 1st launch, with more added at regular intervals.

Lee Harris
Editor, Angry Robot

Here's another Press Release from Seventh Star Press (Full release here):
Now available for pre-order in a specially priced limited edition hardcover and trade paperback, DREAM OF LEGENDS continues the adventures begun in CROWN OF VENGEANCE, when it was released in fall of 2009.

DREAM OF LEGENDS journeys forward with several characters from the modern world, who discover that finding themselves in the fantastical lands of Ave was just the beginning. The assault upon the Kingdom of Saxany and the tribes of the Five Realms ignites, as the eyes of The Unifier turn southward, across the seas towards faraway Midragard. Within this maelstrom, some find themselves on a path of discovery, to uncover powers that lie within, while others must brave perilous journeys, to seek out
the things said to exist only in the faded mists of myth and legend. Epic battles, plot twists, and new environments abound in DREAM OF LEGENDS.

In other news, Happy Thanksgiving!

And that's the news...at least to me.


redhead said...

I love the Mark Hodder cover artwork too!

i think i might even like the UK version better!

Bryce L. said...

I really like the UK art, but the ridiculousness of the US one really put it over the top for me. :D

ediFanoB said...

The UK and US covers for Mark Hodder's books differ completely.
Both have their own charm.

Anyway I highly recommend to read THE STRANGE AFFAIR OF SPRING-HEELED JACK.

Bryce L. said...

I gotta read that already. :)