11 March, 2011

HBO's Game of Thrones and Storm of Swords Reviewed

I know, about every other blog has become unofficial (and unpaid) marketing centrals for HBO's and George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones. Then again, this series deserves it whether you love George or hate him - it still comes down to the fact that A Song of Ice and Fire is an amazing series.

Here's the latest Poster:

If that doesn't get you excited for the series, I don't know what will. :)

Also, as mentioned in the title of this post, Tor.com has been reviewing the reader-voted, best SFF novels of the decade and A Storm of Swords gets a review. My thoughts coincide very much with what's said here.


Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Oh I remeber seeing this before around the web. But I don't get HBO anymore! Aaaa. Sucks. Thanks!

Bryce L. said...

Neither do I, but I think iTunes lets you watch some shows if you pay per episode. I figure that'll be how I watch. Paying a couple bucks per show is better than a lot more for shows I don't want. :)

Anonymous said...

The poster is awesome. I hope the publisher that picks up Lethal Inheritance gets me cover art as great as that when the time comes.