24 March, 2011

It's News To Me #9

Things have been busy lately, so I apologize for the lack of reviews. I'm currently attempting to find an internship for the summer, write a paper, plan two large events at the law school both in the next week (I think I signed up for way too much when I became President), and actually stay up on readings for class.

Interview with Peter Orullian: Author of The Unremembered [US] [UK] (Book 1 in the Vault of Heaven), a book I'm really enjoying, I just wish I had more time.

Interview with Mark Lawrence: Author of Prince of Thorns [US] [UK] (Book 1 of The Broken Empire trilogy), a book I'm really looking forward to given the very positive reviews that are already coming out.

Paul Kearney's Sea Beggars series re-release: The two previously released volumes will be combined in an omnibus edition with the new third and concluding volume from Solaris. As a huge Kearney fan, this makes happy. :)

And that's the news...at least to me.


ediFanoB said...

Hey Bryce,

as you know from GOODREADS The Unremembered has not been my cup of tea.

I have an advantage concerning PRINCE OF THORNS because the German edition PRINZ DER DUNKELHEIT will published on 9th May which means three months before the UK edition!!
In this case I ordered a copy of the German edition in advance.

I'm a huge Paul Kearney fan too. Still need to read CORVUS.

You are really busy. Hope you will find some time for reading.

Bryce L. said...

I should order the German edition, I need to relearn some things. :)

Corvus is awesome btw, I liked it even better than The Ten Thousand, but just barely.

Life is just crazy at this moment. I'm trying to find an internship for the summer, keep up on classes, plan events for student government (we just had a big Ball on Friday night and a panel tomorrow night), write a paper that's due Thursday (eek), and find time for the little guy. Sadly there's not much left over for reading.

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