27 May, 2011

Vacation - Happy Summer!

I guess I should apologize for the lack of posting lately. I recently finished another semester (only one more year to go!) and I've since moved to start an internship...which ended up falling through. Since school let out, I've been searching for something else I can do until my second (and much more solid) internship starts in July.

...and now I'm going on vacation, because why not, I have some time on my hands and Lake Powell is calling my name. We have a house boat we're headed to, endless amounts of water skiing, wakeboarding, sky skying (see below), and hopefully even a decent amount of reading time.

I have a couple reviews scheduled while I'm gone (and it's only for a week anyway), but now you'll know why things aren't getting fixed if there's any problems with them. :)


business travel companies said...

Hope your vacation goes well, I just came from Playa del Carmen spent my 1 week partying all night.