11 February, 2012

eBook Deals, or Books I Bought Recently

I found some more good stuff. There's a few from Angry Robot, but if you look them up on Amazon, there's really not a bad deal on any of their books. If you were wondering, I am just slapping these together, I have no system for this other than searching for things I'm interested in.

-Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind ($4.99) - Just finished, review to come shortly.
-The Damned Busters by Matthew Hughs ($2.99) - I'm reading this right now and it's great.
-Empire State by Adam Christopher ($3.99)
-Moxyland and Zoo City by Lauren Beukes ($2.99 and $2.99)
-Strata by Bradley Beaulieu and Stephen Gaskell (novella) (Staffer's Musings review)($0.99)
-Nemesis Worm by Guy Haley (novella) (Free)
-Dominion: A Coldfire Saga by C.S. Friedman ($2.99) - This is probably the normal price since it's not a full novel.
-Bio of a Space Tyrant Vol. 1: Refugee by Piers Anthony ($2.99) - This is probably the normal price as well since it was free not too long ago. Still a good deal for a full-length novel.


Simcha said...

I don't don't know what it is with Wizard's First Rule but I remember really enjoying it but every time I try to reread it I get bored too bored to read for long. I hope you're enjoying it, though.

Bryce L. said...

Yeah, I think I would have loved it just starting my SFF reading career, but now it's too much of that same thing.